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                       By Ruth Frost



Do you think £30 is too much to spend on one personal training session? It DOES sound a lot, when you view it as only buying those 50 minutes of time with your trainer.


However you will find it’s actually buying you far more than that. Here are some examples of how:


The evening before your session, you turn down that second or third wine/beer in the pub and go home for an early night, wanting to get a good rest before your workout (and admit to yourself you get a bit of a kick out of saying “no thanks, I must go now, I’ve got a session with my personal trainer in the morning”).


Alcohol consumption reduced - check


The morning of your session, you have a decent breakfast, wanting to be in the best possible condition to make the most of your workout, rather than just finishing the kids’ Coco Pops.


Healthier eating - check


(The you have your workout session - you ‘spend’ your 50 minutes focusing on totally different things to the rest of the week; learning about your body, pushing and extending its capabilities, having total ‘switch-off’ time from whatever else is happening in your life, developing new skills and improving your mental and physical health. You also have your trainer dedicating all their attention to you, in a programme plan which they spent time before your session carefully writing specifically for you.)


The hot shower when you get home after your session is the most “mmmmmm!!!” the shower has felt since the one after last week’s session [I included this one because I love that post-workout shower so much!]


Extra sensory enjoyment in your day - check


You feel energised the rest of the day, demolish your to-do list, get done that thing you’d been putting off, come up with a great new idea for home/work, and can’t believe each time you look at the clock how much you’re packing in to the day.


Major productivity boost - check


You make a big healthy dinner, not wanting to undo the hard work of earlier, and feel at peace knowing you are looking after yourself. If you are eating with a partner/family, you feel happy knowing you’re looking after them too.


More healthy eating - check


Your husband/wife/child/friend comments on how smiley you are that evening and how your skin is glowing.


Confidence boost - check


You feel deliciously, healthily tired at bedtime and sleep the best you have all week.


Improved sleep quality - check


You wake up feeling refresh and ready for a great day ahead the next day.


Overall motivation boost – check


So, as you can see, that £30 has an influence way beyond those 50 minutes actually spent working out.


I was inspired to write this by a client of mine who told me how, since knowing he is training with me on a Saturday afternoon, his Friday night, his Saturday morning and even his Sunday are directly influenced by that one session to be much more healthy.


Another client whose family I know is on a very tight budget, told me last week “it’s money worth spending, definitely, because it’s not just me who gets the benefit, we all do; I’m happier around the house, I cook healthier food and I talk about what we’re doing here, the kids are learning about fitness, and my husband is even talking about taking up running again.”


Then there are also those other moments – when you go clothes shopping and love what you see in the mirror; when your GP tells you “your blood pressure has come down, you won’t need medication after all”; when you finish that sponsored run for your favourite charity; or when your child announces to all at a family gathering “I used to have a Fat Dad but now I’ve got a Fit Dad!” (all true stories from clients of mine).


And those moments are priceless.


Copyright Ruth Frost, October 2013