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The Workshop is 140 square metres of functional fitness heaven, nestled away in the unlikely location of Stewkley. The village may be quiet... your workout won't be!



































Unit 2, Manor Business Centre, High Street South, Stewkley, Bucks, LU7 0HR


Email or call 07935 590 250 to arrange a look around.


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We have sought to use local businesses and tradespeople wherever possible in setting up The Workshop. With special thanks to: Blaine's Tyres (Hemel), Stewkley Decorating,

B&T Tyres (Bletchley), Ropework-UK (Bedford), Dave White Plumbing, Alistage, Charles Head Ltd, Alison Revit

TheWorkshop1 TheWorkshopPic

Battling rope (22 metres)                

Throwing wall            

Wolverson Fitness suspension kit

'Richard the tyre man'          

Kettlebells by Stan Pike    

Punchbag and boxing kit

Indian Clubs    

Suspended pull-up bar          

Pellor gymnastic rings                               Climbing rope

Steel pole (NOT just for girls)    

.... and much more

Mats Boxing1EDIT PoleSldrMountEDIT MakingOfWorkshopFINAL

The making of The Workshop, August to October 2013... It was a dirty job!!

The Workshop is Euphoria Fitness' fantastic training studio - a former tyre depot. Plenty of space to throw around tyres, thrash 22-metre battling ropes, climb 4-metre poles and swing kettlebells to your heart's content! Check it out and see founder Ruth in action in this short film by Rocaflix.

The Workshop