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The making of The Workshop in its first home, Unit 2, August to October 2013... It was a dirty job!!

The Workshop  is Euphoria Fitness' fantastic training studio in Stewkley. We have plenty of space for throwing tyres, thrashing battling ropes, climbing poles, slamming sandbags and swinging kettlebells... as well as improving balance, flexibility and core strength through gentler forms of movement.


You can train solo, with a friend (or spouse, or family member) or in a small group. See 'Training' for more options or give us a call on 07935 590 250.

Before our current home in Unit 1a, we were located in Unit 2 on Manor Business Park. Here is a video we were lucky to have the opportunity to make with RocaFlix, in Unit 2 in the week of Ruth's 40th birthday.

Unit 1a conversion pics to go here - website update in progress June 2017

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