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Jane (age 42):


"Having tried traditional gyms in the past and hating them I was dragged along with friends who promised me this would be different. Ruth was very welcoming, friendly and completely non judgemental on the state of my fitness. In fact I discovered I wasn't as nearly as bad as I thought. I've now gone to several sessions and can already see an improvement in my overall fitness. Each week the workout varies so boredom does not set in. I've skipped, jumped, pushed tyres over, hung off ropes, boxed... the list is endless. Ruth is very encouraging & pushes me to do more each time. I never thought I would say that I look forward to my session but I really do. Ruth is professional and knows her stuff. I have complete faith she will get me fitter than I've ever been."


Emma (34):


"Ruth is like a breath of fresh air. She really varies the workouts so that I arrive at every session looking forward to what interesting and fun things we are going to try, which I find really motivating. In my case, I have a young baby, who I bring with me to the gym and, if the baby is awake, we sometimes incorporate her in the workouts so that I still get my exercise! This makes you really feel as though your needs are being considered. The workouts we do are unlike anything I've tried before and the results are really starting to show!"


David (39):


"I have used gyms erratically for more than 15 years but my problem had always been consistency and motivation so I never saw any lasting results. Ruth has managed to get me fitter than I have been in years. She pushes me harder than I thought possible, and all without any of the shouting that I was expecting from a personal trainer. When I am struggling she always has an alternative exercise in mind to make sure I complete the set. I now look forwards to our sessions and have got back into a couple of other sports which was my initial goal."



Rob (53):


"I've had a few trainers over the years but none as longstanding as Ruth. Nine months on, with a weekly session - nicely challenging and fun - I can now really feel the difference. I've also arranged pole-dancing lessons for my wife and daughter, who loved them. Me, I stick with the more traditional gym equipment and routines!"



Ana Isobel (41):


"After my car accident, doctors said I would not be able to leave my bed in six months, but they were wrong. Ruth has been an amazing and a key part to my recovery, she has tailored personal training sessions for each stage of my recovery, she understands not only body but mind. If you are suffering any kind of injures or simply need to tone up, Ruth will build your confidence and coach you step by step with some great results. She is an expert in various disciplines and you can mix and match the sessions to fit in with your needs. She is flexible, trustworthy and CARING with bundles of positive energy which will make your training so much more enjoyable."



Jess (40):


"I came to Ruth needing a push to improve my fitness after recovering from some lower back disc problems. In just the first four sessions I was really surprised by my progress - more energy, looser clothes and a new found appreciation for skipping. Ruth is a great influence, always positive, encouraging, super focused and professional. She's kept detailed records of my progress and carefully planned the sessions based on my feedback. Her sessions are always varied and she's tenacious about finding ways to address my weak spots and challenge me to work a bit harder. I'm hooked!"



Jenny (34):


"Ruth is an excellent personal trainer, really knowledgeable, takes the job in hand seriously and makes the training sessions varied and fun!! I feel like I learn tonnes from her every week, about how my body functions, how to best train various parts and how to stay healthy. It's easy enough dragging yourself to the gym three times a week and go over the same routine as always, but working out with Ruth adds another dimension to my fitness regime which sees results."