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Workouts happen live online on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 07:30am and the recordings are available for a week. Minimal space and zero kit needed. Expect intelligent 360 degree movement, balance and stretching as well as bodyweight resistance and cardio - if you want a straightforward beasting this isn't for you, but if you want increased flexibility, mobility and grace along with your

sweat and muscle aches, gives this a try.


£30 per fortnight for access to six live sessions and recordings.

Email [email protected] to book your free taster session.


[Like the idea of the workouts but hate dance music?! You don't hear music through my screen - only my voice - so you can play your own choice of music or none at all... A link to the day's proposed set is shared the evening before, but playing the music is entirely your own choice.]




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Start your weekend vibes early wth 08:30am workouts on a Friday morning to trance... with lasers! 40-minute bodyweight sessions, £7.50 per session with access to the recording for a week (payable in advance in blocks of five).



Are you local to me in Winslow, Bucks? My local package includes a group in-person outdoor session (weather and COVID restrictions allowing - otherwise online) in Winslow on a Wednesday evening and an online session at 11am on a Friday morning, with a session recording available for a week. Package price £10 a week (payable in advance in blocks of five).

MMM RuthFitmodel5

Led by Ruth Ramsay - fitness instructor for 10+ years, clubber for 20+ years


Our brains pull us towards things that will generate feel-good chemicals. When fitness sessions make you feel euphoric you'll stick with them... and a few months later you'll realise you can fit into your slender jeans, as a nice side effect of your happiness-boosting regime.


With this in mind, I've blended my love of dance music and of fitness to create The Morning Music Movement: 40-minute live online workouts for clubbers and dance music lovers to sets from the best DJs in house, trance, progressive, disco and techno.


"The workouts boost my endorphins and help my mindset, setting me up for the day with a positive buzz." - Jo



"A perfect start to the morning to get me energised for the day. A great blend of stretching, resistance training and high intensity exercises, while catering for a mixed group. Ruth’s selection of tunes never disappoints - always gets me in the zone!" - Andrew



“It’s made a real difference to me psychologically. The impact on my body is one of the great benefits, but it’s really about how it makes me feel." - Julie

FIRST SESSION FREE ON ALL PROGRAMMES - email [email protected], use the Contact page or visit www.facebook.com/euphoriafitnessbucks to get in touch