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One-to-one training and small group fitness classes, with the aim of improving the health and functional fitness of your body and making you feel great.


              Not to mention to boost your brain power, memory, creativity, and help ward off conditions such as depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's - through ‘mindful exercise’ we aim to get your brain as fit as we’ll get your body.


Euphoria Fitness is based at The Workshop studio in Stewkley, Bucks, within easy reach from Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury and Bletchley. See The Workshop in Rocaflix's short film 'This Is 40' - click here.


"Ruth really varies the workouts so that I arrive at every session looking forward to what interesting and fun things we are going to try... The workouts we do are unlike anything I've tried before and the results are really starting to show!" Emma, Stewkley (Testimonials)




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About Ruth:


Trainer Ruth Gammon (nee Frost) holds a diploma in Advanced Personal Training and specialises in functional fitness.


Ruth has a background in journalism and modelling. She got into fitness seriously in 2008, after embarking on a training program with Leon Baillie at Highgate Fitness Studios in London. Having experienced first-hand how becoming fit can transform all areas of one's life, she qualified as a personal trainer, wanting to help others experience the same empowerment and positive change.


See Ruth in action at The Workshop on video - click here!


Ruth also co-runs smoothie boost sachet company Love Your Blender - visit to blend delight into your life!

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Photographs on this site thanks to, Alan Edwards, GMclean, Phillip Westwood.  All images copyrighted, not to be used without prior permission of photographers, please contact Ruth with enquiries.

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